The Musical medium

This gallery represents the various forms of musical art done in paint medium. The paintings chosen for this gallery come from all over the world and aren’t limited to just one type of setting. The pieces picked for this gallery not only give a view of music but also displays the enjoyment of the graceful form of art. 

Musical Angel depicts an angel playing an musical instrument. The wings of the angel along with way the angel is holding the guitar are key focal points.
This painting shows a woman holding and seemingly playing the cello. The brush strokes of the painting on both the dress and background give the artwork great detail.
Musical Celebration shows two animals on top and bottom of the pic as well as people enjoying themselves up the middle. The focal points of the painting are the two animals and it is then after that you realize the celebrations happening in the center.
This painting depicts the various types of instruments and books. The smooth lines on each of the objects are easy on the eyes almost creating a feeling of being actually in the room with these objects.
Chirmia Music depicts a man sitting in a chair playing what looks like a flute or some sort of musical instrument. The shading and brush strokes give the painting an rural like setting.
Lady at The Virginal depicts a woman sitting at a piano appearing to be receiving a piano lesson. There is what looks to be a cello laying on the floor, as if the woman receiving the lesson may be one of many talents.
Guitars and Mandolins depicts several men sitting what looks to be outside leaning on their guitars. The shading of what looks like clouds in the background and the yellow sky seems as if the setting of this painting may take place in a rural desert area.
The Band shows a band and what looks to be the music acts on a stage. From the tall brown pillars, you can tell that it could be a play or performance. The viewpoint seems to be from the audience though you can't actually see any audience members. Again, this shows the many forms you can use to enjoy music and art (performing).
Flamenco Songs and Dances shows a woman either in mid-dance or performing on a stage. The performing and playing of musical instrument in the background shows the enjoyment of music.
Jazz II depicts two men who are saxophone players. The jagged blue, red, pink and green lines are what gave me the idea of music and medium. The way the artist gave the saxophone it's smooth lines and the suits it's jagged edges gives you and idea of the smooth melodies that are produced from saxophones and the strong persons behind them.
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