Simple Lines-Complex Shapes

In this gallery I wanted to show how as the title says; simple shapes can create or represent complex shapes.

Here you can clearly see what is being represented, as the mother protects her young child from the 'dark' flames behind her.
The simplest of lines create the illusion of a girl gazing at you. Thanks to a mixture of both geometric and organic lines.
Although this one is more complex, it still uses lines to represent the Artist's son.
Now this is one of the simplest ones; composed of extremely simple and few lines. You still get the illusion of a girl's face.
This one was a bit more complex using hatching, in order to represent shading on the image.
In this one thanks to the different weights and values of the lines you get an increasingly complex image.
Using different line weights, and an illusion of perspective. It shows us an image in an illusionary space.
One of my favorites due to the use of line weight and perspective illusion. It shows a completely complex space with the simplest of lines.
Using thick brush stokes combined with the missing white-space; creates the illusion of the different objects.
Also of my favorites because of how it managed to create such a detailed space. Simply by using different line weight combined with missing whitespace for shading.
Although this one is more complex with the use of colors for shading. It still breaks down to simple lines, that represent an entire cityscape.
Thanks to simple lines combined with both hatching and cross-hatching. You can see the two woman as they draw.
Now this one is nice because it uses simpler lines. Sometimes even going over a space more than once. Yet you can still clearly see what was meant to be represented.
More complex thanks to the artist's attention to detail in the image. As well as their use of the different line techniques available. Created a highly detailed image of a wall panel.
The mixture of simple lines, as well as hatching & cross-hatching. Create a beautiful image that appears to be shaded thanks to the hatching.
Credits: All media
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