Humms of the soul

How does the art make you feel, what do you think, what is the purpose? Does it make your brain smile or your heart humm. 

Art for delight can be define by a work that invokes beauty, art that makes you look at and observe for pure pleasure. Since beauty has different meanings all over the world art for delight is very relative and depends on the person. This picture is the spring country side in France. And to say the least the picture is delightful,It is slightly more abstract the realism but the colors pop and it would serve no other purpose than ti be beautiful
Art for Commentary is using a piece to document or record a moment in time. It was mostly used to record historic events or to get a better understanding of a time period before photography.This piece is a current depiction of a woman in nature, nature as we know it now surrounded by the fog and mist of the infrastructure around it. This could be a commentary piece for the future viewers about how close nature and man made were and how we were caught in between.
Art for Worship,is a way to use art to enhance the religious experience, from the stain glass windows in a church to beautiful statues of Hindu gods, art and spirituality are closely knit. The Radha Krishna is known in the Hindu religion as the feminine and masculine aspects of god, using ivory and wood as the media also shows the contrast.
Art for Commemoration is suing a piece of art to remember people who have lived before us. Memorial walls, beautiful photography or even statues of our former leaders are all commemorating their lives and accomplishments.- Lewis Marshall was 15 years old and joined the movement to march from Selma Alabama to Montgomery to vote. He was in the attacks on what is knows as Black Sunday where the first marchers were attacked by the local sheriffs office and KKK members. The picture shows him when he was caring the flag on the second march to Montgomery.
Art for Persuasion is using the power of art to alter or enhance the beliefs of others, they could be organic photographs of a horrible tragedy to persuade people to take action or a mural to persuade you to have a certain sculpted view of a leader.think the artist used this depiction of despair and defeat as a symbol of how much a small disease of measles or a disease of the sort can leave a city in shambles and though it may not have been persuasive then it can persuade us now to not relive history.
Art for Self expression in plain text means and artist just creates what they feel, no alteria motive not hidden agenda, he draws a cat because he likes cat, there is no metaphoric deep meaning behind it, the artist clearly has some feelings with this mural regarding the mix of nature and technology but because it so abstract and in such a public domain I say that this is less commentary on the issue and more self expression.
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