Colors, colors every where you look.

By: Alex Wright.

I chose this painting for color because, it has a very nice warm feeling. The colors work very well for this painting, especially the orange. The colors being light let you focus more on the painting.
This painting also works for color because, the blues, reds, and other colors are very bold. That helps this painting stand out, it also catches your eyes very well.
Although this painting has a lot going on, the colors are very pleasing to look at. The blend of different colors used in this painting really make it stand out.
The way the colors where used in this painting are very neat. The artist goes form bold colored objects, to colors that have values. I also like how the artist used a variety of different colors.
The colors in this painting vary from dark to light. Which makes for a very interesting painting. I also like how the artist used almost the same color for all the people and their clothes, just with different values.
The way this artist used blues, white, and black give this painting life. Although only a few colors where used, this painting looks like there was a lot more used. The lines also help with this painting.
The artist used very soft and warm colors in this painting. Which makes this painting look like it is a photograph. The colors used for the grass and trees make them look real.
The way the artist used red in this painting is very cool. With red being the main color, I like how the artist gave the red different values.The trees really stand out in this painting.
The blues used in this painting are very interesting. the way the artist only used different values of the color really make this painting stand out. It also looks like more that blue could have been used.
The way the artist used green in the trees give off a very good feeling. It's like you can tell that that day was beautiful from must looking at the painting. the blues in the sky also help with that feeling.
The colors used in this painting are very interesting. The way that the yellow, orange, red, and pink really work with this painting. The grey of the horse also helps ties together the painting.
This abstract painting has a lot of different colors used within it. With that being said the verity of colors really make this painting stand out. The different values help catch you eye.
The way that all of the colors being used in this painting are bold is cool. The colors used may be different but, the way they are used compliment each other very well. These colors help catch your attention.
This is the same artist that did the previous painting. The way he uses the colors in a bold style really catch the eye. The oranges, browns, grays, and black help pull your attention towards this painting.
The colors used in this painting very from dark to light. The values used in the water help give detail that the water is very rough. It helps the painting come to life, the same thing goes for the sky.
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