Domingo Collazo google art Project

This is collection of different type of art that I found interest in.

I like this photo because it looks like a real statue.
I like this because I always had a interest in Greek Art.
I choose this, cause it looks life like. Like the dancer actually has movement.
I choose this because it look life like.
I choose this, because it look like a battle out of a movie.
This helmet looks like it was made very well to be so old. I especially love the feather on the back.
This armour looks amazing to be from the 17th century.
This is a amazing mask made in the 16th century. The detail is amazing!
The level of detail for a sword holder is great.
I choose this because it actually looks like a little kid. The detail is amazing!
This Buddha statue was made between the 8th and 10 century. The level of detail is high. The cape/robe looks real.
I choose this for what it represents. A slave finding out he is free.
I choose this because after learning so much about the background of the Artist it explains so much about the printing.
Credits: All media
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