THE THIRD EYE : marcos quintas

Surrealism creates the impossible real, through a disparity of what we see, distorting what we know about reality and testing our boundaries. In this Gallery I offer a brief take on the meaning of each work through colour, perspective and shape.

Two contrasting images man and earth, an eternal battle in which man feeds off the earth. Very Ironic faded colours, as the man eventually ends up under the ground, where the earth can feed on now.
We can see bright colours that reflect the authors trust on her beliefs and future, proper communist ideology from that time.The crutches are set aside signifying her overcoming of impure obsessions.
The colour fashions a monochrome palette, in which the room floods with warm luminosity, creating a timeless atmosphere. The faded palette provides a suspension in motion, as if in doubt.
The macabre ambience is formed through a play on perspective,the viewer is sent into a habitat of lines and darkness. The dark tones contrasted with the soft bright outliers give it a sense of abyss.
The two main figures are contrasted, soft flesh with hard lifeless stones and gems, surrounded by hell. In the mountains we can also depict a sleeping human, soft colours contrasting with calmness.
Composed with soft colours and slight contrast, we feel the eerie deserted wasteland dali has depicted. We see the souls of two beings and the eternity of time through soft faded colours.
We can see here metamorphosis through vivid colours, bright transformations in witch plains combine and produce new forms, such as caterpillars turning into butterflies.
Very dark earth toned faded colours that provide a feeling of horror. The rooster represents evil, the "eruption" symbolising the coming of the worst, the people on the base await their judgment.
The colours here tell a story of pain and suffering, the land is now wasted upon with the reminisce of those who walked through it. The new horizon and hope is represented through the white dove, symbolising eventual freedom.
Through soft romantic undertones and contrasted shadows, we can feel the love and pains of flamenco. Back in my home this passion is felt in the andalusian plains, much like soap opera literacy.
Credits: All media
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