The history of our beautiful nature

Outside people see nature as different things. The looks of nature have some beautiful scenes and some not but nature is nature so it not seen as it was from the start over time it change beautiful. Charrell Buck

This art piece is base on the river as the water flow down the river on a windy day. The water wave heavy as the wind blow look as if a storm is coming and as the flowers move along with the wind.
AS the storm come in and the weather change it appear to get darker. The more as it come the harder wind will blow. AS the it get cloudy the trees at a stand still along with the boat in the water.
The came and the sun start to set on the water. It a beautiful view as the water slowly move along the lake. As the trees lean over in the water get a shadow view.
On this cloudy as the trees bloom and the wind was flowing heavy. Outside the as the trees blow along with the wind it's a beautiful day to talk a walk and enjoy the fresh air.
On a farm in the morning feeling the breeze of spring time. Sun shining no dark clouds in the sky enjoy wonderful nature of spring.
I the woods that have a landscape feel to it. The wind blow trees move water wave and the trees hand over the water lightly.
IN the woods seems like it a jungle that is beautiful landscaped. As the trees bloom up on one side in the rock wall on the other side. A beautiful mountain view across the river.
In the misty wind heavy rain seems like something out of a move. The wind blow so beautiful over the mountains. Looking at the trees look like it on a island.
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