This gallery shows representations of flowers in painting, sculpture, and other mediums. In this gallery we will be looking at different types of flowers and different ways they are presented to us in different mediums. Some of the most famous works of art centered around flowers will be included within.

This particular piece is very interesting to me. The tones are rich and vibrant. The lighting is soft and beautiful adding lots of depth and rich texture. The composition is very nice because it doesnt distract from the painting itself. Overall this painting is a very nice representation of flowers.
“boy with flowers” is an exquisite piece painted in the late 1870’s. The painting is of a young boy in a garden surrounded by flowers. Its pastel color is a very nice look for this piece because of the situation depicted. The pastel tones remind me of beautiful spring day.
“The artists wife with flowers” is a painting of a woman holding flowers with a look of sorrow. The tones are deep and vibrant. The color palette is a very strange one. Mainly warm colors make up the picture. The texture also stands out to me it’s as if you can feel it with your eyes.
“sake bottle with design of flowers” is a off white vase with a picture of flowers on it. The composition of the picture fits the vase nicely. The dark green tone of the paint is a nice match along with the off whit color of the vase. The shape of the vase is also a particularly interesting part of this piece.
“orchids” is an Asian painting depicting not only flowers but lots of Asian characters. The tones are very light colored and appear to be some sort of watercolor. The range of tones in the blacks goes from light to dark and makes this one of my favorite pieces in this gallery.
“ocean of flowers” is a modern exhibit depicting lots of abstract flowers. The exhibit is made of paper and features lots of interesting colors. The colors really stand out to me because they are so vibrant and saturated. The exhibit is also very big being housed in its very own room.
“flowers and fruit” is a painting of flowers and fruit. The tones or colors in this picture are mostly pastel but the tones that aren’t pastel are the real reason the lighter colors pop. Contrast is a major factor in this painting. The gradient from light to dark across the painting really makes the flowers pop.
“boy with paper flowers” is a Brazilian photograph from the late 1950’s. A young boy stands with a bouquet of paper flowers. The use of black and white really makes this picture feel real and alive. The composition leads the viewer’s eye directly to the flowers the boy is holding.
“pressed coffin flowers” is a bouquet of flowers from Abraham Lincolns coffin that has been pressed. The tones of the leaves are dark and bleak representing sorrow and pain. The flowers are aged and wilted and most of them are brown and white. Its position on the white background draws the eye right to it.
“let life be beautiful like summer flowers” is a brilliant piece that uses negative space to define its composition. Two zebras seem to kiss at the bottom of the image. The background flowers are in a repeating pattern all over. The tones are mostly black and white in this image.
Credits: All media
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