Z's Perception of color

This piece was created in 2014 by an artist from Hamburg. I chose this artwork because I found the colors very intriguing. I love how the canvas makes the colors stand out. It's very beautiful!
I chose this image because I love the graffiti artwork. I ca tell the artist really thought about the color coordination. This was created by 2Rise for the Global Street Art Foundation.
This was created in Atlanta, Georgia for the Living Walls: The City Speaks. I love the depth of colors expressed in the image. The people and robots seem to be having a good time together.
This portrait was created by Av Alvarez Thomas in Buenos Aires. I love how the artist utilized the colors. It's very creative and artistic; the green really makes this painting belligerent and beautiful.
This piece was created by Ricardo Guiraldes in Buenos Aires. I chose this piece because of the warm colors. I love how the brown works well with the warm red color. It's not too aggressive but it's also not calm.
This was created at the Museum City of New York by A-One. I specifically chose this piece because of the different colors being utilized. The artist had the ability to make the different colors blend together.
This image looks like the head of a king. The blue really brings out the painting making it feel more intimate. The colors looks as if they have been highlighted. This painting was created in 2012.
This is a religious piece created in the 1500's. I chose this artwork because of the detailed colors. This piece is more intimate due to the contrast from the colors. The artist is anonymous but is known to have been one of the leading painters in the wealthy German City of Cologne.
This painting was created by Carla Accardi in 1955. I chose this painting because I love the simplicity of it. It's a very beautiful painting even though the only colors utilized were black and white.
This piece was created in 1885 by Louise Abbema. This is a painting of a famous actress named Sarah Bernhardt. This painting is a beautiful formation with the use of light colors.
This piece was created by Jan Beerstraten in 1661. He was one of the few 17th century Dutch artist regularly to paint castles. I chose this piece because I loved the calm colors. This piece gives you the feeling of a cold crisp wintry atmosphere with brooding cloudy skies and frost outlined branches.
Color Theory is the first thing that comes to mind when viewing this image. There is multiple colors that are being utilized to make this piece amazing. I love the creative designs.
This is a piece created by AI-MITSU and was exhibited at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. I love the contrast of the piece making the colors more intimate. I see a depiction of an eye being hidden.
I chose this graffiti image because of the great color depictions. This was created in Caballito, Buenos Aires buy four different graffiti artist; ICE, OZ, FIYA, ADRI.
This was created in 1440 by Chanter Angelos Akotandos. I chose this image because I really love the chosen colors for this piece. The beautiful colors really makes the painting bulge.
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