Becca Aldredge's Art Critique Gallery 2015

The metal work on this 16th century bowl is incredibly intricate and beautiful.
The detail of the flowers and the cage are stunning. The light to dark shade of the cage makes it almost real.
The bright colors and phenomenal shadowing make the flowers appear charming and notably delicate.
the vague detail of this painting is absolutely stunning. The roofs, architecture, and cobblestone streets seem to be Italian inspired.
The light colors give this piece a light feel.
this example of cubism portrays a forest and a family of deer. The bold colors look as though the forest could be burning in the distance.
The light and dark comparison is stunning.
The roses are profoundly real looking, and the pinks and reds are subtly hidden throughout the painting.
What this piece says about the modern idea of the urban places is profound. Near the bottom the buildings are darker, cast in shadow perhaps represents poverty. The lighter, higher up places are the higher up symbolizing power.
The idea of art that is painted in and for a community is amazing.
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