Sculptures and paintings I would like to see

The Gates of Hell – Auguste Rodin – Plaster - Relief style - Rodin was asked to create a pair of decorative bronze doors for a new art museum in Paris in the year 1880. The museum never did open and the sculpture worked on this piece for thirty-seven years in which he continually added, removed, or altered the more than two hundred human figures that appear on the doors. n Rodin's lifetime The Gates of Hell was never cast in bronze and was known only in a full-size plaster model kept at the artist's studio in Meudon outside of Paris until in 1925 the Rodin Museum founder in Philadelphia had it cast in bronze.
Nature Unveiling Herself before Science – Louis-Ernest Barrias – Marble, Onyx, Granite, Malachite and lapis lazuli - Full Rounded sculpture This statue was commissioned in the year of 1889 for a new medical school in Bordeaux. The first version was done in marble and onyx. This statue was very popular and many copies have been made.
Figure of Death Memento Mori – Hans Leinberger – Boxwood - Subtraction style of sculpting This reminder of death sculpture was carved out of boxwood. One unique thing about this carving made out of boxwood is that the sculpture was able to hollow out the gut in the statue and show skin peeling away without the form collapsing.
Pines and Rocks - Paul Cezanne - painting - oil on canvas Cézanne's color schemes seem to be limited to blues, greens, and browns, but there is an endless variations of shades of yellows, violets, and reds. Pines and Rocks is a tightly framed, dense view of nature. The uncountable brushstrokes, some similar, others looser and more swiftly applied make this painting almost abstract, but when stepping back and looking at these varied marks unite into a shimmering effect that Cézanne called "vibrations of light."
The Isle of the Dead - Arnold Bocklin - painting - Oil on Wood This painting is one of this artist most famous picture. It is considered to be sinister due to one can gaze up the stairs into the darkness, but cannot see past it. The stillness of the water and the boat carrying the coffin and the way the light is behind the mountain gives it a magical other worldliness feeling to it.
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