Poder de la Naturaleza

This collection is all about beauty of nature. This collection will show the magnificence that mankind can never create. 

In this piece you see the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River that cuts through it. The texture of the canyon is beautifully shown to express the enormity of the Grand Canyon.
This is a beautiful landscape painting. In the foreground there is rolling hills and trees sprinkled throughout. In the background there are mountains in the distance. The use of aerial perspective gives this piece fantastic depth.
This piece shows the beauty of snow on the hills. Once again, aerial perspective is used to give the piece depth by making the mountains in the background softer and blue.
This painting shows the loveliness of the sunrise over the ocean. The mixture of many colors makes the entire painting feel alive. The lighting coming through the clouds reflects perfectly against the water.
This picture shows the elegance of the waves crashing against each other. The ferocity of the waves is perfectly captured to show the grace of the ocean.
This piece is perfect at showing depth. The mountains in the foreground are much darker compared to the disappearing mountains in the background. The whole piece being black and gray gives the piece a very somber look.
The balance between the people and nature in this piece is spectacular. The river and trees overpower the people to show how little humans truly are in the grand scale of things. The sun is either setting or rising in the background which gives the whole piece a beautiful lighting source.
The focus of this piece is mainly on the birch tree in the foreground. The main tree is complimented by a smaller tree further back. The bending of the trunk creates fantastic movement for the viewer to follow.
Once again, the balance of people and nature are shown in this piece. On the left, the forest stands beautifully with the tall tree expanding out. On the right, the man made village stands tall and through the center the river separates the two.
In the foreground of this piece a magnificent piece of ice takes up about one third of the entire image. It falls perfectly in line with the rule of thirds. The ship, in the background, is placed just as nicely as the ice is according to the rule of thirds.
Credits: All media
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