The Looking Glass

I have always loved graffiti art, its a way to look into what a person is thinking or feeling. Its unlike tradition art but more organized than abstract art. Graffiti art has a carefree vibe to it and it expresses the person's inner self. Graffiti art allows an artist to use their imagination to create different things and creatures. I decided to focus on artist that draw creatures, like aliens and unrealistic creatures. I titled this gallery the looking glass cause to me that's what graffiti is, a looking glass to see into someones mind. 

This photo is of a wooden lizard like creature. I included this photo because it looks like a typical creature but it still has an element of that that makes it look unrealistic.
I choose this piece of art because of the creatures. Its something you would never see. This creature is 3 different creatures morphed into one large creature. Like the union of 3 different states.
I choose to include this photo because i like how its different creatures doing different things but they all go together. Its like different artwork that still someone work together.
I included this photo because if you look past the main thing and look at the background you see all these white and grey creatures. There's like a whole alien war going on behind the main piece.
I included this photo cause of the creatures. I like how they are like alien dogs. If you notice there is a shoe and arms like they are attacking a person and ripping him apart.
I included this photo cause its a bunch of creatures and they are all different and unique and hidden within is this white skull creature with a third eye on his head. The eye that sees the future/souls
I made this of one last ones cause its one of my favorites. I like the unique creature and all the drawing it has on it like tattoos. It gives it that human like connection. I also like the talk bubble with symbols in it, leaves you to guess what its saying.
This one is the very last since its my very favorite. Its a bunch of different people who got to draw their own graffiti. There is words, realistic creatures and unrealistic creatures. Its a mess of art that blends and all works together in perfect harmony.
Credits: All media
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