Bullfighting in Spain: The History, Glory, and Controversy

To be a Torero was considered a prestigious honor. Bullfighters were seen as courageous and strong. Describe this bullfighter in Spanish, using physical and personality traits from Unit 1.
Research with your group the history of bullfighting. Then, look up animal-rights groups' protests of the sport. Why are some people against bullfighting? Discuss your own feelings as a group.
This painting depicts a child as a torero. If given the chance, would you try bullfighting? Why or why not? Share out loud with a partner in Spanish.
In this painting, we see how bullfighting is a community event. Describe in writing (in Spanish) what we can tell about this pueblo from this painting. Traditions? Geography? Weather? Dress?
In this painting, the bull and bullfighter come face to face. Share with a partner in Spanish how you think the bullfighter feels in this moment. Then describe how you feel as you view this painting.
Here we see the bullfight in action. The torero has stabbed the bull between the shoulders. How do you think the crowd is reacting? What is your reaction? Share out loud with a partner in Spanish.
This photo depicts the bull succumbing to his injuries. The bullfight is over and the torero has won. If you were the photographer in the crowd, what would you hear/see/feel during this moment?
This painting shows the graphic violence of the bullfighting tradition. In what ways is the artist communicating his feelings on bullfighting through his painting? Why did he choose an abstract style?
Bullfighting can be dangerous for the torero. Describe in Spanish what you think happened before the moment seen here, what is happening now, and what will happen after.
Write a brief summary of this painting using at least 5 facts you've learned about bullfighting and a sentence describing the artists intention.
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