HHS_Sydney _Snowy

I put this in the gallery because it shows the theme of snow well, with the snow coating the roofs.
I added this to the Gallery because the snow in the trees and dusting the ground displayed the theme well.
The snow heavy in the air , to the point where it blurs the things in the background , looks very nice, and feels realistic.
The snow being kicked up in this picture looks very real, and it shows how thick it is on the ground well.
I like how there seems to be snow on everything it this picture, even the branch . It makes the river look better by making the blue stand out.
I find it funny that this is a painting of some one painting, but that's beside the point. I love the detail of this one. The snow thickly layer on the tree, the bright red carriage in the background, and the sled over by the painter.
I like how the snow almost looks... wispy in this picture.
The snow on the pine needles looks great in this picture.
I like how this one is snowy white everywhere, so the spots of color really pop out.
The green of the Christmas trees pops really well against the snowy ground.
Unlike the rest, this one uses snow more sparingly. Slightly dusting the branches on the trees and on the rooftops in the background.
To me the thing that sticks out the most is the colors of the sky against the white of the snow.
I love the snow in the bushes and on the trees in the background
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