Cows Through Cultures

I focused on cows as the topic for my gallery because of their obvious connection to agriculture and because I have always found cows to be good-looking animals. I personally enjoy artworks that have animals as the subject because they can convey so much emotion and movement within a 2D or still 3D piece. These pieces show cows in a variety of mediums and across a variety of cultures.

I enjoy that this painting shows a small herd of cows and how they are interacting with each other. Each cow in the piece is in a different position, which movement in different ways using shadows and highlights. The artist, Aelbert Cuyp, is a Dutch landscape artist who typically paints countryside scenes. His painting show typical life-style scenes from the 1600 which include farm cows.
Vladimir Stozharov is a soviet era Russian painter. I enjoy this painting because I like the use of colors throughout the field and cows. This painting also features a small herd of cows in different positions. The style of the painting does not show any small detail but the overall shape and lines of the cows in the field are still clear.
This artwork shows the Hindu deity Krishna with a few cows next to a pond. In Hinduism, all cows are sacred. Krishna states "Among cows I am the wish fulfilling cow" in the Bhagavard-Gita, which contributes to the sacredness of cows in Hindu culture. I included this piece because of its colors, texture, and connection to culture. It is fascinating how certain animals can be used in dramatically different ways in different cultures. In America we typically do not think of cows as holy at all, but mainly as a source of dairy or beef.
Paulus Potter is another Dutch artist. I included this piece because I enjoy the movement and shadows that are conveyed in this piece through the use of only simple lines. The other pieces in this gallery feature color which aids them to covey the shape and movement of cows. This piece does the same without color by using different style of thin, thick, and hatched lines. I also find it interesting that the cows, the subject of the piece, are not looking directly at the viewer of the artwork. I think this shows the attitude of the cows, they don't really care to be the center of attention but the artist is making them the center of the drawing.
This is an iron, stone, and bronze sculpture by Korean artist Dong Hun Sung. This sculpture depicts the cowboy Don Quixote and is a recent piece created in 2009. The artist uses multi-colored artificial flowers to construct the body of the bull. I think the flowers are an interesting material to include among metals. To me, they show the life and energy within the bull. I enjoy the color and movement within this sculpture.
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