Triangles of Religion; Nicolas Moss

The theme for this gallery is mainly about religion and triangular compostions as the title states. While looking at a lot of religious art through out the medieval, renaissance, and baroque periods I saw a lot of triangle compositions in religious art of these times. Mainly it is the figure of worship or power on the top  or bottom of the triangle with other figures surrounding and supporting the triangle composition. This really draws the eye to said religious figure.

This piece has a very basic type of Triangular composition. It has three figures one for each corner. We have Gabriel telling the Virgin Mary that she would bare the savior. The Dove up top symbolizing the impregnation of Mary with Jesus.
Here Mary is laying on her death bed forming the bottom of the triangle. At the top we have Jesus forming the tip of the triangle as he is sending Mary's soul off to heaven. The surrounding people and angels fill in the rest of the triangle.
This triangle is very visible thanks to the gold leaf in the background. We have Mary being out into her tomb forming the bottom of this triangle too. Surrounded by apostles and angles helping form the sides of the triangle. Finally again we have Jesus at the top hold a baby which is a representation of Mary's soul.
Here there is and interesting triangle. The main one is with the religious figures. The pale skin of St. Anne, St. John, and Jesus form the triangles and really draws the eye towards them and away from the dark background. With Mary and Joseph looking at the little ones which help sends the eyes back from the background and towards the holy ones.
This I feel fits with the theme perfectly. We have the Virgin as the top point of the triangle. Following the triangle down we have baby Jesus kind of in the middle of the triangle and the two angles at the bottom supporting the bottom of the triangle.
Again we have another basic triangle with Mary, St. John, and Jesus forming the the three points of the triangle very simple. I choose this one because I really enjoy seeing the difference between this and Raphael's paint of the same subject.
Here is Raphael's Madonna in the Meadow, She is here with St. John and Jesus. Each of these Figures all are a point in the triangle composition. You could also use the Madonna's foot as a corner instead of the baby christ and have Jesus as the center of the triangle. There are so many ways to view some of these triangle compositions.
Here we have the Saints forming the bottom of the triangle but they are looking up at the Virgin and Jesus. There line of site is forming the lines of the triangles and really guide the viewer up the the main subject which is the Mary and the savior. This is the top and final point of the triangle.
Here we have God and Christ forming the top two points of the triangle and the crown between them and God's and Christ's eyes lead us right to Mary with her being the focal point of the painting. This is her coronation of course she is the subject.
Here is a nice triangle composition which has christ on the crucifix about everyone else the the top of the triangle and the the donors, Mary, and Joseph forming the bottom of the triangle. All of the lines of sight just seems to be pointing in a circle which is very helpful to keep the viewer locked into the piece.
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