The average Life

The Northern Renaissance focused on the "average man" and domestic interiors. The work was closely linked to the protestant reformation, and the religious aspect is often apparent in the works of art. Portraits were very common and often portrayed those who were not royal. Artists often used oil paint or wood sketches. 

This work of art represents a form of wood sketching and shows an aspect of religion in art during this time.
This portrait shows an average man in his natural environment, which ties in with the artists goal of representing the average man.
This woman is portrayed as an average person, showing the emphasis this time period had on the simple aspects of life.
This portrait represents the vast painting of the average man during this time.
The detail in the back of the woman adds to the domestic interior aspect of Northern Renaissance art.
This painting shows average women in their natural environment with detail in the interior.
This oil painting represents a part of the religious influence of art during this time.
The domestic interior is elaborate in detail and shows a religious figure in his natural surrounding.
This painting is able to show immense detail in interior while incorporating the Virgin and Child.
The portrait represents the simplicity and religious values in art during this time.
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