things that happend with d-day

By: Eli De Los Santos

this is a picture of men getting ready to land on the beach and fight for their countrie
this is a picture of men running for their lives on the day they landed on the beach.
men are just getting off the beach and are getting cover by planes over them
tons of bombs are ship so that planes can drop them on the enamimy line to help win the war.
another picture of men getting off the beach. this was not an easy task while getting shot at it can be very difficult.
this is a picture of our navy and how big it was when we were going to war
a picture of planes because planes where huge when it came to war they were able to drop bombs and support ground troops
there where so meany people that have died while all of this was happening only very few lived
big guns to shoot down planes while they were low enough also used to blow up tanks at a very close range.
while men are running for their life on the beach they may have run into barbed wire which would tear up skin and hurt someone badly
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