Russia: Finding Harmony in Change

Russia is one of the most powerful countries during the 20th Century. They were able to sustain  their land and people. Most of all, they were able to change in midst of two drastic wars. They were able to find harmony in change. Even though they loss the first war, they are able to abdicate their tsar and discover new plans to govern their people. Peasants had given freedom and rights. Women also that time merge from their comfort zone and fight for their rights as a human being. Conflicts  came in their way, but they are able to conquer it all. They are now in harmony and continuing to be great and better.

Russia joined the war when Serbia, was in danger. It was when Serbia had a fight against Austria-Hungary. A Serbian group was the one who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914.Other reasons are militarism and imperialism. Russia was among the countries who increased their military forces. This increase helped push the countries to be involved in war. Another is imperialism. It is when the countries increases their power and wealth. Tsar thought of joining the war to increase their territories and resources.
Nicholas II, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire. He was the one who was abdicated by his people. During his reign, mostly of his people were poor or peasants. They were not able work because of lack of materials and technology provided by their leader. About 77% of Russians were classified as peasants. Tsar was aware that he need to progress his country but didn't want do it. "I shall maintain the principle of autocracy just as firmly and unflinchingly as it was preserved by my unforgettable dead father.” Nicholas II
The Peasants suffered a lot during this time. Famine was rampant in their country. Inflation is getting higher and people can't afford to buy food. Thousands died from starvation and illness.
Tsar Nicholas II has a wife named Tsarina. She was a German and she hated Russians. She believed that Russia needs to change their beliefs. So whenever her husband is in the battle field , she was one who took over the country. She has an adviser named Rasputin. He was the one who control both of the Tsars to rule Russia. He gave advice on how to fight during World War I and how to manage the country. Russians disliked these two controversial figure. This is also one of the reasons why Russian revolted against them.
After the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, Russia was left with no one to rule. That is when the Provisional Government came into picture. This is led by Alexander Kerensky. But their beliefs is against the people. They wanted to continue the involvement of Russia to the war. They were not giving full attention to the peasants. On the other hand, Bolsheviks that are composed of workers who wanted a democratic idea of government, also enter the picture. They were more popular than the Provisional Government. Their mission is to have a quick change and end the war, which the Russians wanted. Provisional Government started to weakened when the "Kornilov Affair" happened. Bolsheviks was able to stop Kornilov in revolting and gaining power. Provisional Government wasn't able to stop this madness since they are the ones who started it.
Red army are group of volunteer workers who were willing to follow Lenin. They were the ones who helped the Bolsheviks during the "Kornilov Affair". They also helped Lenin in fighting during the Civil War. They were trained by Leon Trotsky to fight in the war. Lenin wanted to end the war and sign the peace treaty with Germany. But, many opposed his plan. So now he needed someone to fight for this freedom. They needed to beat some of the Tsar's supporters, military Commanders who wanted to stay in the war and some foreign countries. They were well-trained. Lenin did all to increase the volunteers to fight against these groups.. Some of them are forced to join the army just to have food to eat because almost all of their food resources are given to the Red Army.
This painting is a representation on how the Red Army fight against the White Army which is consist of Tsar's supporters, military commanders who wanted to continue the war and some foreign countries like France and Britain. Even though they were more advanced, Red Army led by Lenin and Trotsky was able to defeat the White Army.
Vladimir Lenin was among the middle class in Russia. But this doesn't stop him to help the Russian peasants. He is well-educated person. He knows how to handle things properly. He is smart and very creative. He won the Civil war and was able to manage the Communist Rule. He was also the one who ended the war for Russia. He was able to make some changes in Russia during his time. When he died, his successor, Joseph Stalin, and a good friend continued his plans for his country.
Joseph Stalin is the one who took over Lenin after his death. Lenin has the same beliefs with Lenin, but Lenin take it in a more different way. He used his power to make followers. Based on some research, Lenin is somewhat like Hitler. He controls his people and it seems that all of the people liked him, same as Hitler. No one dared to questioned his leadership. He is good in making his people believed that he is actually there to help them. But the truth is, he is doing that to capture the people's trust and gained power.
Based on this painting, Stalin is trying to make himself a public figure. He commercialized all of his works and how tell it to his people. He is trying to show everybody that he is a good person and he is willing to help them in any terms. Stalin also banned posters or images that show any opposed meanings to him. There is also a cartoon that showed how Stalin punished himself for talking to his sleep. Since no one opposed him, he punished himself for talking to sleep. This shows that everyone liked him during that time but not all.
Lenin also pay for his own advertisement to promote his power. He only allowed posters that states good about his leadership. He banned all the posters that says things that is against him.
This is a picture of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. When Lenin died, there was a natural need for a next ruler to govern Russia. Leon Trotsky, at the time, seemed to be the natural successor, but in the end, Stalin won and rose to power. Three key reasons for Stalin's winning were: luck, policy, and Trotsky himself. Luck is considered to be a key reason for his being favored by others, and Lenin's last will and testament had something to do with it. Lenin's last will and testament contained very critical judgements of Stalin and many other officials. Since the officials feared that this would affect their chances in becoming the next ruler of Russia, it was never published. Policy was another reason because ,at the time, there were two prevalent issues being discussed. And, this were: Focusing efforts and resources in other countries and let them stage their own revolution versus Focusing on Russia to make the model Communist Russia and Continuation of N.E.P. versus Stopping of N.E.P. Stalin was able to make use of these issues to his advantage and got support from the party members that sided with him. And lastly, Leon Trotsky himself was a key reason because he underestimated the capabilities of Stalin. Because of this, he took it easy and this decision backfired on him because Stalin, in the end, rose to power and he was forced to exile. The efforts that Stalin put were able to convince the others that Stalin was more like Lenin.
Stalin used propaganda to take control of the Soviet Union. Stalin put up images of himself everywhere. Places were named after him, photographs were changed to make him look like the hero. And, each birthday celebration of Stalin becomes more aggrandized as time went by.
In Stalin's rule, children were taught by their mothers that Stalin was "the wisest man of the age".
Joseph Stalin as an adult.
Stalin's idea of peasants being put to good use was for them to work as farmers for the economy to produce for more and be more effective. This lead to Stalin introducing collectivisation which is a policy to consolidate individual land and labor into state farms. However this idea wasn't working, so peasants were placed on state farms under the direction from a central committee. In this art work, it is portrayed that the farmers are being mistreated by someone who is considered of higher power.
The methods Stalin had used to control Russia were by igniting terror, reasoning politically, letting ordinary people either be killed or rewarded, and using society as a way to influence the minds of the citizens. This artwork depicts Stalin was the only political figure with influence towards the country and enforced his high status through the use of propaganda.
This artwork strongly depicts how disloyalty to Staling would only lead to severe punishments such as imprisonment, expulsion or execution.
In this time Joseph Stalin was the most powerful leader in Russia.He with the up most humility and respect.They say that Stalin is the best Leader at his time. If you want to learn more about Stalin watch the video.
This is a Poster about Soviet soldier that is fighting during World war 2 and watch the video to learn mo about Joseph Stalin , Soviet and Russian People , and the Soviet Union.
Stalin was Russia's leader. He led his country and his people to success during World War 2. This was during the Tehran Conference. They wanted to plan the final strategy for the war against Germany.
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