Apartheid representation

Segregation in Johnnesburg South Africa in this image it shows the separation between the Black an White population of South Africa people couldn't even use the same bathroom as the opposite race and the white minority received what they wanted including a higher education and better washrooms while the black majority received what the whites didn't want.
This image shows the result of the Sharpville massacre when Africans were on an anti-pass campaign and shows just a small part of what the Black majority went through when they were trying to get control of their own country and an African American in government to represent them and what they want and or need to happen and how violent protests got usually resolving to the death of protestors
This image is from 1956 from The Women's March were they a petition against pass laws that required South Africans to be defined at blacks and to carry a pass that restricts their abilities to resist and shows an example of the African women's attempt at reform in South Africa and trying to get Black equality
This image shows a pep rally for Nelson Mandella in the first democratic elections a large milestone in the equality of black africans. This image shows the victory and success in that they can now vote for their president and someone to represent them in government.
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