Civil War 

By Juliana Lobo 

Abraham Lincoln was a great leader for our nation while he was in office. He freed some slaves and paved the road for others to be completely free.
Ulysses S. Grant was a great leader for our military. He led us the union to the defeat of the confederacy.
This is a picture of Abe Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address speech. Even though the speech was very short, it was very powerful. It's purpose was to make realize that soldiers died on the field for our freedom.
The confederacy was fighting for their own rights. They wanted to remain living the lifestyle that they had been leading for a long time. They wanted to keep their slaves and no one was going to take that away from them.
Cotton was a big part of the civil war. Confederates wanted to keep their slaves so they could keep growing more and more cotton. There was also King cotton diplomacy when they stopped selling cotton to Europe in hopes they would help.
Many battles of the civil war were fought in Virginia. That is why it is such a historic place. SO many soldiers died on the fields of Virginia in battle.
The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle of the civil war. Many soldiers died and many more were wounded.
Some slaves helped fight in the war because they wanted to be free. The war started because the south couldn't have their slaves so they wanted to fight for those rights.
He was a well known general for the american union during the civil war. He started as a soldier and then made his way to the top.
The shots at Fort Sumter started the civil war. The confederacy shot the fort because it belonged to the union.
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