Seasonal shift 

As the seasons change so does the climate and landscape of the environment around us. I've brought together a collection of paintings depicting these artists interpretation of different periods throughout the year. It's interesting to see how seasonal changes will alter an artists vision for how the artwork should be created. 

In this painting by Claude Monet you see a winter landscape. As you look at the painting you notice that the detail of the image isn't very clear, it's quite blurry. The colors chosen create a sense of calm and relaxation in this winter landscape. The lines of the painting are quite jagged and sharp, but the calm colors seems to balance out the two.
Here is another winter landscape, actually titled "Winter Landscape", by Abbot Handerson Thayer. In this representation the use of positive and negative space creates an illusion that the trees and sky are far in the horizon. The colors chosen for this work are calming and create a very mellow winter environment.
In this piece of artwork called "Winter Landscape" by Jacob van Ruisdael, the setting is of a winter evening along a harbor. The darker color tones suggest that the light from the day coming to a close and casts a dull and dreary mood. The detail is very fine and the use of space suggests that the environment is in the forefront as the sky fills much of the space in the background.
Here in this piece of artwork called "Summer Day, Gloucester, Massachusetts" by Willard LeRoy Metcalf. The painting depicts a summer day by what appears to be a river in Massachusetts. It's a bright sunny day and the colors bring out a very vibrant and majestic landscape to the picture.
In this painting called "My Summer Studio" by John Henry Twachtman you see what seems to be a summer day in the hills along a creek; with John Henry's studio up above on top of the hill. The lines of the brush strokes are very sharp and jagged, which creates a sense of tension in this piece.
Here is a piece of artwork titled "Summer at Shinnecock Hills" by William Merritt Chase. The painting depicts a spacious flat land on a summers day. The details and the use of space really show dimension as the prairie spans on for quite a long while. The colors selected in the painting accent the emphasis of summer as the grass has yellowed and shining from the sun.
This painting is titled "In Spring (Blossom Time)" by Vilhelms Purvitis. This picture is depicting the season of spring and showcasing the blossom of all the foliage throughout the land. The high saturation of colors in this artwork helps to emphasize that point of plants blossoming. The lack of detail and sporadic brush strokes leaves the visual of the landscape up the viewers imagination.
Here is a piece of artwork titled "Elm Forrest in Spring" by Edvard Munch. The painting depicts a forest full of elms and foliage throughout the season of Spring. The use of space is very static indicating there isn't movement and everything is very still. The space and depth is interesting and allows the viewer to determine the vast length and depth of the forrest. The lines of the brush strokes are very jagged and sharp which creates a lot of tension, which adds a eerie dimension to the painting.
This artwork is title "Autumn at Hibara Lake" by Oshita Tojiro. The painting shows an autumn day at what could possibly be dawn of the morning. The use of space is very balanced as the forefront of the painting is the lake, the next layer is the rocky banks of the lake, the third layer are the hills off into the distance, and the final layer is the sky up at the top of the portrait. The use of rounded lines create a very calming sensation highlighted by the use of very calm pastel colors.
Here is a painting titled "Autumn Farm" by Allen Tucker. The painting depicts a small farm on a rocky hillside during an Autumn day.The lines of the brushstrokes are very rounded suggesting a calmness to the landscape. The space is very dynamic which indicates that there is no movement present in the piece. The combination of the curved lines and the dynamics of the space the create a very simplistic approach to a subtle piece of artwork.
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