Photo 2

I like the texture and effect Gogh made with this peice. The use of the swirls and color created a nice cool effect.
The depth and point of view of this painting i feel is unique because of he two painting types. The realistic and simplicity.
I really like he contrast and composition of this painting, its so peaceful and calm looking with soft colors.
This photo to me shows great realism, almost looks like a photograph.
I really like artist style in this painting, how the figures are looking one way and even how they are painted. Another thing i noticed was the use of the shadowing, it adds depth.
This photo is amazing , i love the style the artist chose to use it shows great realism and captures a ton of small details. The clouds and building structure is my favorite
I chose this photo because of the composition of the different people placing and the brick wall.
This peice i much admire the realistic feel and lighting. It makes you seem like you are in the painting.
Credits: All media
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