The colors of belief  by: McKenzie Murphy


         The theme for Colors of belief is religion.  The following artwork is aimed in showcasing religious works or art.  All of which include colors that are vital to displaying the religion.  The colors can either help explain the message behind a piece, highlight an important element, or display the feeling of a place or people within the scene.  While there are many colors to choose from in an artists’ palette, there are many religions in the world to observe. Just like colors, religions are all different, and beautiful to observe and practice.  

Within the work St.Francis in the Desert, by Giovanni Bellini, we see St. Francis being depicted. Specifically, it appears as if he has just come to a realization, due to his stance. More notably how Bellini painted his hands and his distinct facial expression. We can see that he was studying text because of the desk to the right of him, and his shoes under the desk. The artwork visually reflects the theme of religion and color. This is because it is depicting a saint and includes what appears to be a bible or religious text in the artwork. While the color all seems to be blending well, there is a gradual change from the light blue in the rock, to the the green of the grass, to finally the golden ray on the building in the background. This gradual increase of a warmer tonality helps to guide the viewers eye and suggest a Godly presence. As the warmer colors are presented where St. Francis is looking up it is implied he is looking to God.
This piece of work depicts the Virgin and Child. She is holding him close with endearment while he looks is leaning towards him. It shows a mother’s true affection and love for her child. This also helps to display and tell the story of their relationship, and how she cared for him greatly. The artwork visually reflects the theme of color and religion, because it ties in the importance of both characters displayed. For example, Mary is wearing a dark blue color, which bleeds into the dark background, while Jesus is highlighted in white to show his importance. This also ties in with the theme, because it is one of the most universal signs of Christianity to be shown.
This piece is mainly comprised of a variations of colors. From the title, it is depicting a cathedral. It contains an array of different shades of colors. Mainly that of blue, white and black. However, a fiery red is placed at the bottom of the panting which helps give it a focal point. It also appears to be in a style that represents a stain glass window. This relates to the theme of color and religion, because of the representation of stain glass. Which can be seen in many places of worship, and help depict the story of the how that religion came to be.
Within the artwork, The Dean of the College of Cardinals depicts the Dean, a religious figure at a throne, with a key by his side, and what appears to be a church in the background. This artwork visually represents color and religion, because it has completely embraced the Dean of the college of Cardinals, main color, that being of red. Which it has used in different, and darker tonalities throughout the piece. To possibly represent the amount of say and control one has in the college.
Within this piece, a temple in japan is being shown. Specifically, the entrance of the temple, where we see people coming in and going out of the temple. In the background we see a forest, to display where the temples where placed. This relates to color and religion, because it is showing a place of worship in a brighter tone. For example, all of the colors that comprise the piece are all muted and light. This helps resemble how this place of worship, for this specific religion and region is one of light and clarity.
Within this piece, the holy trinity is being showcased. That is the father, the son, and the holy spirit. While below and around it we see their worshipers and believers. This relates to color and religion, because it showcases Christianity and not only the people who follow, but the extent of that following. The color reveals that the moment taking place is one that is exciting and full of vibrancy. This is due to the vibrant, blue background, saturated red in the robes and the white and lighter colors highlighting everything, so nothing is left feeling dark, or cold.
Within this piece, a nativity scene is being shown. Specifically, it shows mother Mary and Joseph looking down at Jesus, while being surrounded by adorners. This relates to color and religion, because it highlights the child of Christ, through the use of saturation of white in the center, while there is also a vibrant red on Mary to highlight the white. Lastly, it is using the light on Mary’s face to also guide the views eye. The overall picture shows how many people can go and celebrate a religion.
Within this piece, a tomb is being showcase. It shows an outline of it, while also being surrounded by trees and a pathway leading up to it. This relates to religion and color, because it shows the religion at its most simplistic. The Tomb of Muhammed Shah Sayyid, is outlined in white, and is placed in the center of the picture. This shows its importance, not only to the viewer, but also the person who worships the religion. While there are no other colors than white and black, it creates a large emphasis on the tomb, and allows for a very define and detailed image of what it looks like.
Within this piece, a sculptor of a religious figure is being displayed. It appears that it is wearing a crown or has ceremonial jewelry on. The figure has a bronze and or dated coloring and tint to it initially, while the background reveals it to have blue shading. This shows how it is something that has been valued overtime and is a symbol of high importance for that religion.
Within this piece, a sculptor of a religious figure is being displayed. It is of the virgin and her child. It shows mother Mary wearing a crown of gold, dressed in a robe of gold and holding her son. The figure is mainly bronze and is standing on a vibrant red platform. I believe that that indicates the figures importance to the religion. Especially the amount of detail put into the faces that were painted on, reveal the detailed craftsmanship that went on into making this piece.
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