Mermaids through time

How different cultures have viewed and represented these mythological creatures is both fascinating and beautiful to behold. From entatilizing to terrifying, my collection shows their beauty throughout time. 

This piece depicts two mermaids. I was drawn to this because of how unattractive the creatures actually are. Im used to seeing mermaid and mermen shown as beautiful and graceful.
This is a sculpture of a mermaid from the year 1655. I love the details that went into this mermaids expresion on her face and the conturing in her abdomen.
This shows a mermaid in the water and what appears to be a smoking pipe in her mouth. I was intrigued by this. Its a very raw depiction of a mermaid
I loved that the mermaid in this stained glass was dressed and only a small bit of her tail poking out from the bottom. It reminds me of the little mermaid's desire to be like humans
The Siren (1893) was my favorite piece I love that is shows a man in the picture with the mermaid. I love that she looks in distress but completly at ease as if its just a an act to snag the man.
What's interesting about this piece is that if you don't look close enough you want notice the young woman being tended to by the surrounding mermaids. They are braiding her hair and dressing her.
This sculpture shows the mermaid in her natural habitat. The affection shown towards the fish was interesting and a little odd to me she seemed to be embracing the fish.
This drawing shows both mermaids and mermen and what appears to be an angel. I find it interesting the cross between myth and religion
Another of my faviorite pieces. I love that it's not a literal depiction of a mermaid but open to interpretation. I also love the titile The little Mermaid thinking of the Prince.
This photo "Peabody & The Mermaid" was added because of the way the mermaid looked at the camera, as if she wanted to be caught. I also love the what we considered a mermaid to be in that time (1948)
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