Joshua Brown

Gilgamesh strongly believes he should live forever. Gilgamesh puts his faith in himself to find immortality. Gilgimesh wants his people to have faith in him.
"I am afraid of death"(Gilgamesh,70). Gilgamesh still has faith that he will live forever, even though his friend Enkidu dies. Gilgamesh puts his faith in life.
Freud believes and has faith that our world is never ending. Freud also believes that everyone sees the world differently.
Freud was a great mind at his time. He had faith in everything he believed in. And give others faith in his beliefs.
"Beauty has no obvious use" (Freud,53). Freud has faith in his beliefs about beauty. He says beauty is nothing but attraction, a sexual attraction. And our sex drive depends on our attraction.
This picture shows the faith this women has by showing her true gender. In The Left Hand of Darkness gender is very important part in the book.
" In alliance with the Ekumen, Karhide will become infinitely less threatened"(Genly Ai,23). Genly Ai has faith that he can influence Karhide to join the Ekumen.
This picture shows both sides of gender. Mostly the masculine side. You can see that the man is taking control of the women. The guy has faith that he can do so because he is the masculine one.
Socrates has faith that he will one day be with all the great gods after his death. And he does not need to live on earth forever.
"If death's like that, I say it's an advantage, since , in that case"(Socrates,59)Socrates does not fear death, so no matter what happens with his life he is fine. Socrates has faith that death is a good thing.
Socrates has faith that if he accepts death he will be with all the gods and all the former kings.
I chose this picture because it shows how women have faith in themselves and they could do what men can do. In An Ideal Husband Ms. Cheveley believes she can be an independent woman.
This represent Ms. Cheveley and her faith in her scheme. "I want to talk to you about a great political and financial scheme, about this Argentine Canal Company"(Wilde13).
In An Ideal Husband, Ms. Cheveley also has faith in herself that she can also be a beautiful women, as well as an independent women.
"Those who die a natural death are long-lived" Daodejing has faith in a person who lives his or her life to the fullest, they will live long and die naturally.
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