Movements in nature

This gallery includes paintings from different parts of the world that depicts 2 dimensional images giving the illusion of a 3 dimensional scene. The paintings vary between natural environments to human interactions in the environments.

This painting of the backwaters of South Australia depicts the still movements of a bayou (or swamp). Main focus being the rather calm river as it reflects the surrounding trees. With the help of small leaves and aquatic plants, it gives the painting a calm and subtlety of movement through water.
In this depiction of night in the four times of day by Claude-Joseph Vernet, the artwork shows a family of fishermen in the riverbank of a city and boats coming and going through the night. A bit of wind is seen through the rustling of a tree in the background and the cloudy sky with the water barely reflecting the moonlight.
In this depiction of midday in the four times of day by Claude-Joseph Vernet, a cloudy and windy day is affecting the present environment. The fierce wind is the focus of the painting with the people and environment struggling with their movements. In the far right of the painting rain is seen down pouring from a dark patch of clouds on a city. The clothing of the people is seen swaying to the right adding more depth to the present condition of the environment.
The Midsummer Eve bonfire on Skagen's beach is a depiction of a group of people surrounding a bonfire on a beach at night. The fire is seen swaying to the left with the wind affecting its trajectory. Kids are seen dancing in the middle right of the painting while a robust man is lighting the fire. To the upper left another bonfire can be faintly seen in the distance.
Taking a snow town depicts a celebration in the wintertime with family members’ cheering as a man in horseback comes crashing through a snow sculpture. The destruction of the sculpture is portrayed at the right moment of impact with the snow sediments and the man on horseback still in mid motion.
Fire's on by Arthur Streeton depicts miners entering a mine to work. A cart is seen dumping the sediments downward to the upper structure of the entrance of the mine. A group of miners and a man in horseback in the upper land are seen walking down towards the entrance with some spectators already watching the sediments going down to the structure.
Pond water crowfoot depicts a single strand of wild water crowfoot moving by the currents of a stream of water. The water is in motion with light reflecting the ripples, as the water is moving downwards. The rocks in the upper bank have areas affected by the running water indicating the sporadic movement of the stream.
In contrast to the previous artwork Pond water crowfoot, spring waters (Maestoso) is more tranquil in nature as the ice in the lake (or river) is seen gently flowing in the stream. The current breaks up the water’s reflection of its surroundings ever slightly by the chill of the northern winds.
In the Men of War in a Stiff Breeze depicts strong winds in the ocean affecting the various ships in the water. The ravenous winds tug the sails with all its might, forcing the ships direction to the right of the painting. The current of the ocean are also affected by the weather, with the winds carrying particles of water in the same direction.
Cliff Walk at Pourville depicts a beautiful scenery of two women in a cliff side enjoying the view of a lightly clouded day. Unlike the scenery of the Men of War, the winds are gentler in nature. The grassy lands on the cliff side moves and sway by the ocean breeze. The clothing of the two women also has movement due to the winds.
Credits: All media
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