I am looking at a watercolor landscape.  The sky has streaks of blue and pink clouds which makes me think that the sun is going down.  The sky seem to have a little black mixed into it to emphasis that the sun is going down and its final glance is at a mountain side. There are high mountains and low mountains weaving throughout the drawing.  They have different values as they go to the bottom of the drawing, lighter on the top, more black on the bottom.  This piece makes me feel like there is a vast space outside of this drawing. The unity of the mountains and skies creates a sense of fall peacefulness.  Without the skies, the mountain doesn't make much sense.  Without the mountains, the sky is just a big space with dull colors on it.  Behind the front mountains, there is a lake hidden there made of tinted blue and seems to fade behind a mountain.  All these elements put together creates a master piece that gives viewers a sense of unity.

Credits: All media
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