The warfront

By: Jordan Baranowski

This was a lottery ticket used by the Austrians in 1917. I find this very interesting because there is a 4 year old child on the front and that all of the funds from the lottery went to the military.
This was a propaganda picture of an Austrian dreadnought. This is also another very interesting photo because Austria did not have a large navy but they were still competing with everyone for the top.
This was a new invention that allowed people to write even though they had problems with their hands. This article was not highlighted in chapter 27 in our textbook.
This was a propaganda postcard written by Austrians in 1914. This picture project the emporer as a larger than life character who fearlessly leads his men into battle. Propaganda was shown in out book
This was an Austrian ration card. This was commonly used in all of the countries in the war. This allowed people to obtain food and other important goods from the government. This one is a coal ration
This picture depicts an Austrian mortar being attacked by enemy troops. This best describes the Austrian experience during the war because this shows how everyone felt about the war. people were mad.
This picture portrays how the Austrians were handling the front. These men were bloody and bruised, and just wanted to return home and end the war. The families also felt this way and they wanted an end.
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