Animals in Various Colors, with Unique Details, Take Over the Street's Blank Walls

This collection by Marshall Golas highlights street art that beautifies the blank, concrete walls of city streets. The purpose of this exhibit is to show street art that brings colorful animals into an environment that is lacking the beauty of nature. Artists that have created these images include Zumi, Blu, NOEL,and others. These artist utilize color and design to create displays  of nature that bring animals into the city, and in the process beautify the space around them.

This wall was a blank wall; now it is painted with many bright colors. Zumi creates the image by including the sidewalk as part of the painting, which is best viewed from a distance to gain the correct perspective. The panda in the center,is uniquely painted with in purple-blue, and teal-blue,instead of the traditional black and white. The image is 3D because the bottom of the image pops out,and is larger than the the middle of the picture. Included are details of fish, and a colorful textured forest, with seeds floating in the wind.
Another blank wall is beautified with an imaginative picture of a "fish," by Jose Aaron Garcia Espandas. This animal has details of dark red-brown scales, a white belly, and bright blue fins. The head of this animal is a deer with antlers. The artist combines two animals and uses coloring of each to bring out detail.
An abstract painting of an elephant beautifies a concrete wall in Nepal. The detail is created through outlined triangles filled with many bright colors. Colorful abstract flowers cover lower section of the mural.Looking at the animal here there is a 3D effect shown in using straight lines multi-sided shapes with shades form dark to light. Here the focus was more on the bright almost playful colorful idea of this animal being similar to a replicated toy animal.
This image by SahhuX and Renny Normala covers a concrete wall in Nepal. The art display is created in geometric black,grey, and white with images of a turtle who encounters a bearded dragon lizard. The bright blue accent color flows through the image and brings the eye with it. The city streets are again beautified with animals and color.
This monarch butterfly by artist Nick Walker graces the side of a white building. The traditional orange and black colors are used in a beautiful display of the wings spread out. It sits above some yellow and green swirly vines, and brings nature to the city.
The mural street art by ZEZAO, is colorful and creates an aesthetic view to the otherwise plain drab wall. The underwater scene is playful, with a whale, fish,and octopus like underwater diver. A multi-color stream filters diagonally through the scene.
This large mural of a Dove by Case covers a plain brick wall in Los Angeles. A peaceful blue background, melds well with the beautiful white dove. The this bring beauty, although the dove is covered with splats of color from perhaps a paintball gun.
Street artist NOEL, displays a colorful turquoise owl to beautify the streets of Buenos Aires. The owl is displayed in blue, green, and pink and covers a concrete wall.
This abstract image of a roaring lion by Meggs beautifies the outside of a building. It is a compilation of flowing lines using blue,orange,white,and red to create the lion on a black background.
Another image by Zumi brings color and a panda to the city street. The light blue, pink and purple panda brightens the corner and brings a bit of nature to the urban area.
Credits: All media
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