From War to Art

This virtual gallery is revolved around the theme of war. This includes artworks from different time periods and artists and also different wars. This gallery is an example of how beautiful works of art can come from the horrors of war!

This artwork by Eurich, Richard Ernst was chosen because it was depicting pre D-Day from WWI and fit in with the solemn tone of all art works included in this gallery.
Blind Man in Belsen was chosen because of it perfectly describes the tone and consequences of WWII without showing super grotesque real life images.
This pieces also shows the damage the war had on cities and peoples lives.
Prisoners of War was chosen because it was from another war and period in time but also shows the same solemn tone.
This piece was chosen because, the tone isn't as solemn and grave as the other works but shows the forces preparing for battle instead of the aftermath and effects of war.
Return of the Meteor Jets, Kimpo, Korea was selected also because it is another example of soldiers in battle.
This more modern piece was picked because even though it is more to this day, war still has the same effect as it did in previous wars many years before.
This final work was selected because you can see both the battle and the effect it has on everyone's life and sets a sad tone.
Credits: All media
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