The art of music - Christin crenshaw

This gallery contains several different works of art that involve music. Most of the pieces are oil paintings and were painted before the 1700's. It's also interesting to note that because of the similar time period of the paintings, many of the instruments are closely related.

This piece shows the virgin Mary gazing down at her new born son Jesus. There is an angel supporting him and angels all around him singing hymns of praise for the saviors' coming.
This portrait shows a woman in a nice dress holding a music book. Given her attire and study of music, she most likely comes from a high standing family in her society.
This piece shows an angel slumped over playing what appears to be a lute. Lutes are in the stringed instrument line that gave birth to the six string guitar.
This piece shows a group of musicians gathered around a music book rehearsing. The instruments in this piece appear to be a lute, a bowed instrument that appears to be similar to a violin, and two flutes
In this piece, we see both instrumentalists and vocalists singing on a balcony, perhaps at a party in a high class residence. Two lutes, and another larger instrument with a lute body but a larger neck, adorn this picture.
In this work, a well dressed woman is being taught how play a double necked lute by her instructor. You can also see a dog sitting on a chair adjacent to her, taking in the music.
In this piece, a man clutches a piece of sheet music and poses for the artist. He points at a overturned bowl, which demonstrates that material possessions are meaningless, but music lives forever.
I love this piece. it shows a small dog sitting at a piano appearing to play the written music. The dog looks back at the viewer as if to say, "did you expect anything less?".
In this painting we see a beautiful room in the home of Fanny Hensel, who was a composer and pianist. The room is decorated with portraits and artwork, and in the bottom right, we see a grand piano.
This piece shows a group of upper class people sitting around a table talking and enjoying the music of the lute player. This painting reminds me of sitting around the fire with friends playing guitar and discussing different topics of the day.
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