A christmas carol

In what ways does this novel reflect the social and economic issues of the early 19th century?

"Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comfort." (stave 1) There were a lot of poor people in the time period that had less than what was required to live. This connects to this picture because, he has comfort. This person is living his life enjoying the luxury he has when there are people dying because of lack of common necessities.
"... many can't go there, and many would rather die." (stave 1) Going to prison was worse than death because prison was a living hell. Being in prison you were not only away from your family but you were treated worse than dirt. This connects because it is a prison wall that just wants a better life.
"... you're poor enough." (stave 1) Scrooge thought that because people were poor they were unhappy. Money was his only form of happiness, and because of that he thought all poor people were miserable. While some poor people were, many were still happy, they did not dwell on wealth. This child is still happy even though he doesn't have our perspective of good living.
"... people running to and fro."(stave 2) Children ran around because of the lack of supervision. They were free in the sense they had no supervision, but stuck because they were raised in poverty and the chances of them escaping poverty is very slim. This represents that by showing they are still able to move freely yet they are tied down.
"Always a delicate creature with whom a breath may have withered." (stave two) A lot of children died. Many kids were sick or had accidents working in factory. This could represent death because of the girl. She is in a dark place yet she is still happy, because she is doing what she likes.
"Because it needs it most." (Stave 3) The poor needed more and worked more for what they have than the rich realized. Similar to these people, they work hard and put in much effort but all you see and think about is the few minutes they dance. It could have spent their whole life working for this and you judge them off the few minutes you see them dance.
"Have never walked forth with the younger numbers of my family." (stave 3) Some families had so many deaths that they never got to spend time together. this picture shows a person fighting with death, and for some families they had a constant fight with death. It could have been fighting to keep their kids alive or even themselves, but it was a constant issue that some rich don't even have to think about.
"A tremendous family to provide for." (stave 3) Families were hard to provide for especially when you were poor. It was important your kids got jobs and helped you make money. Like this picture it is important for every person contribute and work to make things run smoothly, and fully function.
"Every person has a right to take care of them selves." (stave 4) Everyone was selfish they felt they're needs were more important than the poor peoples, or that everyone could worry about them self. but here you see a bunch of shapes that are their own working together with other shapes to make a whole. Once they work together it becomes so much more. If it was a single shape (like many of the rich people were, only caring about themselves) it would not be nearly as interesting, but since the shapes compliment each other they make a whole.
"to whom will my debts be transferred."(stave 4) They were so money driven that even when something big was right in front of their faces. scrooges death meant nothing because all they cared about was money. Like this picture, there is something big in the middle of it but you only talk about and notice the stuff in the background. People don't care about the big black tree that meant so much more, they cared about the other elements and ignored the tree.
"I will live in the past, the present, and the future!"(Stave 5) Scrooge realized he needed to change and become more generous and less grouchy. The small time that the events happened in caused him to blossom into a new man. Like this without the little blossom that made the tree it would have never grown into a tree and blossomed and grew. the one little thing made a large change into something great.
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