Renaissance and Reformation Art Analysis

With a partner, answer the questions for each painting on loose leaf. For more information on the painting or artist, click on the title of the work, then click "Details."

Provide a brief description of the artist of this painting. Who is the "Madonna?" What does the theme of this painting indicate about Renaissance art?
First, watch the video linked above. Write a background on da Vinci's life including his two most famous works. Then, describe why da Vinci would have made this drawing.
Provide a description of Michelangelo. How is this drawing similar to da Vinci's? Tour the Sistene Chapel linked below. Can you find the "brain?" (copy and paste into a new tab)
Who is the artist of this painting? What was that artist best known for? What techniques are seen in this painting that became popular during the Renaissance?
Research the Medici family. Why were they important in the Renaissance? Who was Cosimo, shown in the painting? Now, explore Florence by going to Google Maps Street View and searching for Florence.
What are the subjects identified here? How does this painting relate to education in the Renaissance?
Credits: All media
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