Self Portrait

Looking at the history of this style of art.

Vincent van Gogh painted a lot of self portrait in the late 1800s. This is one of the art that he painted about himself.
This is a self portrait of George Washington when he moved into the white house. It was painted by Gilbert Stuart. When I look at this artwork closely, I can see that this artwork is wonderful.
This is an artwork of a self portrait about a men in horns. This is a really special artwork, because the artwork is made in bronze. Bronze is really rare in the whole world, painted by Paul Gauguin.
What I really like about this artwork is that the artwork is captured by a camera. Even though that time it's the black and white picture, I still enjoy it. It's better than painting it.
What I like about this artwork is that the artist who painted this picture is painting another artist while the artist is working on his work. It is a good example of self portrait.
What I like about this artwork is that the artist took this picture of a women while the women is working on her five artwork. It is also a good self portrait of an artist and their studio.
What I like about this self portrait is that is colored by pencil. It is different than other self portraits because almost every self portraits are done by color painting. So, I think this is unique.
What I like about this self portrait is that it's done in clay. I've never seen a self portrait done in clay, so this artwork is special. I found a artwork interesting because it's pinched.
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