The truth behind us all

We all started off as innocent children that never thought of harming anyone for our own benefit. Our human nature, however, evolves and becomes a reflection of our world, bitter and painfully cruel. We cause chaos all around us and harm ourselves and those we thought we cared for.

As we grow older our innocence is killed by the harsh reality of life.
We become corrupted by society and begin to fall like the once pure angels do after they have sinned.
Inside all of us there is anger, envy and fear that is brought out when our true human nature is revealed.
Once it comes down to it, everyone will start to kick people while they're down in order to make sure that they are inferior.
We try to keep our emotions hidden and put on a brave face so that people won't think little of us.
We crave a leader to follow but don't keep in mind that they may be just as distraught and torn down as we are.
Our surroundings are being destroyed for our own benefit even though it will eventually harm us in return.
If need be, we will even take the life of another living creature to keep ourselves safe.
Once our human nature is disclosed, our brains turn to muck and we have no idea how to tell right from wrong and continue to destroy ourselves and one another.
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