Expansion of a new nation

Different Arts throughout American History 

Here Benjamin Franklin is experimenting with electricity, he ties a key to a kite during a storm to see if the metal attracts the lightning.
Here's a bust of Ben Franklin which i'm assuming was rare during his lifetime because only the rich or someone of high stature had the privilege to get a bust of themselves or of someone else.
Here I see romanticism art because I see that the artist is trying to express the beauty that Niagara Falls offers to us.
Here's more art from the Romanticism era, it's expressing how nature is so big and it shows small humans are and how much more humans have to explore as they expand westward with the mountain ranges disappearing into the backround
Here's more Romanticism art again with the idea of showing much bigger nature is than us humans, because in the background you can see someone crossing the river.
Here's an otter which i'm guessing is an animal that was being hunted for is skin to make material items, and during the Romanticism era they were more abut preserving wildlife and appreciating it rather than killing it.
Here are some birds that were probably being studied and documented because they've never been seen i'm guessing, this most likely came as they began exploring more of America.
Here I see that there's a river disappearing along with this valley, expressing how we have settled this small piece of land thats in the front of the portrait but where does this river lead and end, thats what I depicted from the picture.
Here's a portrait of Washington which shows his elegance, wealth and importance. You van see his nice stuff, and desk with papers in the background. Also he's wearing nice clothes and a wig.
Here's Washington with his men which I think they're going back to camp from a battle because I don't see warfare in the background which makes me come up with that assumption, and also from his facial expression i'm guessing the battle was successful.
Here's Washington with his men probably at the Harbor gathering supplies for battle during the American Revolution.
Here's a portrait of Alexander Hamilton and it's shows his importance because of his wig and nice clothes. Also from his facial structure you can see how much of a handsome man he was.
Here's a picture of Jefferson which shows his importance from his suit and wig
Here's a picture of Monroe and show his elegance from the nice suit he is wearing
Here's a picture of Avery showing he might've been intellectual holding a journal and and shoes his wealth from his nice clothes.
Here I feel the artist was the artist was expressing something different maybe certain feelings, maybe he felt sad from the person facial expression
Here the man is showing a typical job of this era he's a blacksmith maybe he's middle class cause he doesn't seem wealthy nor poor.
Here are Native Americans during the period when they were being discriminated against, they look like important men in their tribe.
Here is a painting of a watermelon showing great detail of it, looks like it was smashed open.
Here I can see or depict a person who was scared of a change in the new developing and changing country of the United States.
Here's a bust of Columbus and he was probably vital to making America since he discovered the New World.
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