The world and technology

Technology incorporated into the real world and into human life. 

I chose this piece because it shows how technology has made its way into the work world. This piece to me tells me that the man has come from a long day at work, which he completed from his laptop.
This piece really caught my eye because it shows a sunset at beach type of setting on what seems like an electronic picture frame. It makes me feel like i am in the setting even through this frame.
This piece shows how technology really has touched all aspect of the world. Including the world of art. Technology has really made art pieces such as this one more interesting and more eye catching.
This piece to me really captures how technology has taken art to the next level. Showing the different colors as dots into a pattern of colors. It really draws me in and amazes me.
This piece using technology to display what seems like an image of a man with dots is amazing. Using technology to show something so simple yet so elegant. I love this use of dots to form an image.
This piece to me speaks words so many words. This piece to me says that the world has been transformed into an electronic world. A world where technology has become a necessity and a part of living.
Being from New York and seeing this really makes me love and be proud of being from A city of beautiful skyscrapers. These buildings are works of art the signs, the design just simply breath taking.
I chose this piece because of how they use technology to create such a work of art in letters. Having such beautiful colors make simple everyday letters look so eye catching amazes me.
This piece reminds me of events like CES and companies like Samsung at that even showing how their tv technology is different than whats on the market. It made me think how far technology has advanced
This piece really caught my interest because it shows how technology has spread all over and now part of everyday life. It also really amazes me and makes me think how far technology will go.
Credits: All media
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