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Thirteen different movements-thirteen different paintings with Melisa Özdemir :)

Taken from Uffizi Museum Gallery, the painting, belongs to the High Renaissance movement. I chose this painting becuse the faimly in the painting look calm and content. I love the way the figures are depicted and their expressions. Without noticable happiness expressions we understand that the parents care about the child and they seem to give importance to his protection. It gives a feeling of calmness. The way Michelangelo painted the painting is also fascinating. The fabrics of the clothes look as if they can be touched. The way he painted them and the colours he chose are excellent.
Taken from The National Gallery London , the painting belongs to the Mannerism movement. I chose this painting becuse it is very detailed and elegantly painted. The details are amanzing, even the smallest ones had been painted with great attention every one of them can be seen perfectly, without blur. They say that the painting has a lot of meanings, the flower in her hand is a request of an engagment but it will never became true because she is too ugly. But I think the courage she has despite her looks is amazing I really admire brave people . And this is the second biggest reason why I chose this painting.
Taken from The State Hermitage , the painting belongs to the Baroque movement. The painting looks very delicate and real. The woman depicted as the goddess Flora, is said to be Rembrandt's wife. He used her as his model for a goddess, according to me this shows his love to her and how mighty he sees her. This is the biggest reason for me to chose this picture. The way he used the soft toned colours gives me a feeling of relaxation and make the painting seem more real. The way he painted the clothes, the flower tiara and the wand are really excellent. The datils again make you fell how real the painting is, it looks like a photo.
Taken from Uffizi Gallery, the painting belongs to the Neoclassicism. This is one of the most popular paintings even today. It shows the birth of venus, the most beutiful goddess. The painting itself is really beautiful too.The person depicted as Venus and the gentle breeze Aura are said to be the Simonetta Cattaneo de Vespucci, a beautiful young lady. The image of physical beuty is depicted perfect in the painting, Venus looks very unique and tender. That is why I like this painting, It gives a serene feeling to the me.
Taken from Tate Britain, the painting belongs to the Romanticism. The paintings of Waterhouse are popular today too, because they are paintings beautifully and realistically painted, including myself, a lot of people love them. The painting gives a feeling of freedom with a feeling of sadness and pain. She looks very sad, like she has a broken heart. I really like the natural surrounding and the little details in the painting. For example; the tapestry, the candles at the front of the gondola looks very realistic.
Taken from Nationalmuseum Stockholm, the painting belongs to Realism movement. I like portraits, that's why I chose this painting. She looks very beutiful and natural, she doesn't have any flaws. He depicted her while she was thinking something , which looks perfect. According to me she looks like she is thinking that she becomes old. This depiction reminds me that we will all become old sometime.
Taken from Philedelphia Museum of Art, the painting belongs to Impressionism movement. I chose this painting especially for its chiaroscuro . It really impressed me when I first saw it, I liked everything about the painting. I didn't give importance to the figures but to the room and objects. I liked the importance he gave to the objects too. The lamp and the luggage really are the focal points of the painting, they look like the beggining of everything. I love the desperation of the woman figure and the insensitivity of the male figure, they really suit with the chiaroscuro atmosphere. I felt the loneliness of humans when I looked at this painting, that is why I chose it.
Taken from MOMA, the painting belongs to Post-impressionism movement. This painting make me feel at ease, when I look at it I think that night isn't as scary as I think it is. I hate nights although I don't know the reason, I feel like sleeping is waste of time. Like an addiction we can never get rid of. But the way he painted this painting makes you feel like you are in a beautiful dream or you will be dreaming a bright night like this when you sleep. The curved movements and the colours soothe you.
Taken from The Art-Institute of Chicago, the painting belongs to Expressionism movement. To be frank I don't really like these movements, the paintings make me feel nothing. I feel like the artists of the paintings don't have talent and can only draw things like these. I can't understand their thoughts. I also chose this painting only for it's colours, they are very bright so they attracted me. I al so liked the bird under the waterfall, it looks very cute.
Taken from The Art-Institute of Chicago, the painting belongs to Cubis movement. Another movement which I don't like. I think I chose this painting to show the needlessness of this movement. I would never want my portrait to be depicted like this. I don't know if there are some hidden menings for the depictions, but for a memeory to be like this I woldn't want it. I also didn't like the colours and the way the figures look, they look like they are blind, they make me feel depressed I guess.
Taken from Frida Kahlo Museum, the painting belongs to Surrealism movement. I chose this painting of Kahlo because it looks different from her other paintings, in a good way. She usually paints, pain ful or depressing paintings, sometimes I don't even understand the meaning. According to m the cause these depressif and unusal paintings is the accaident she had , after which she became bed ridden. But this painting looks very postivie and cheerful. It makes me feel like we are already in summer . I liked the colors of the watermelons, they look very frsh and lively., opposite of most Kahlo paintings.
Taken from Ohara Museum of Art, the painting belongs to Abstarct Expressionism movement. I don't like these kind of paintings, again. Because I understand nothing, they just look like a jungle of shapes and colors to me . I chose this because I liked the colors to be frank, I love things with bright colors. To me this is only an object without any deep meaning.
Taken from SCAD Museum of Art, the painting belongs to Pop Art movement. I don't like simplicity in most of the paintings or the artworks but I like the pop art movement, because they give meaning even to a simple object which has no meaning to us in our daily lives. Again I chose this photograph even though it has got no importance to me, becuse it looks so pecaful. Everyone in the photo look like they are really having fun and have no worries. Everyone love the idea of having no worries, so I chose this because I felt at ease.
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