I have observed that Urban Art has become more and more popular, accepted, and embraced by society in recent years and it continues to shed the reputation and connotations of gang activity and violence it once carried. It is an expression of imagination and inspired, just like any other kind of art. This gallery is a combination of shots from the Covilha Urban Art Festival in Covilha, Portugal, the SAM Street Art Museum in Torino, Italy, and select pieces shot in Bogota, Colombia. They display examples of Pattern, Perspective, Movement, Contrast and Color.

This work was created by the artist MAR and is featured in Covilha, Portugal. It is untitled. The artist used color, contrast, and perspective wonderfully. The piece stretches across the inside corner of a room, but thanks to the use of shadowing technique on the floor, the main figure and star shapes on the ceiling appear three dimensional.
This piece is titled "Personajes" and can be found in Bogota, Colombia. Created by Entes and Pesimo, I actually drove by this wall in 2014 when I visited my family in the city. The mural's title, "Persojanes", translates to "Characters" in english. These characters appear to be bathing in the moving water, possibly the ocean. The pair on the left appear to be a mother and child. The one on the right wall has a heart shaped tattoo on her right breast. The lines used in this mural are mostly rounded, helping add to the sense of comfort the characters give off. The skin tones and shading also help add perspective and depth, giving the characters a sense of life as well.
This wall art can be found in Bogota, Colombia. It is titled "Catrina", painted by artist Toxicomano. The art is featured on the side of a Tattoo shop, and displays women in different forms, including a candy skull (from which the title is inspired) a portrait and a pair of side profiles. The color palette is very focused on blacks, whites, yellows and oranges, but the different patterns and art styles distinguish each figure. The candy skull in the background features heart and diamond patterns, as well as a rose featured in the orange, white and black palette.
This wall art is untitled, featured in Covilha, Portugal. The artist AKACORLEONE painted two panels seperated by a column, and each one appears to be inspired heavily by Pop Art. The neon color palette creates excellent contrast, as well as the dot and line pattern backgrounds. The images also appear to symbolize the ideas of knowledge, peace, war, and consumerism.
The artists Ledania and FCO collaborated to design the imposing "Torre Culata" (translated to Butt Tower) in Bogota, Colombia. It covers the entire side of this building, and uses a great combination of polygonal shapes, smooth and sharp lines, and a red-based color palette, resulting in a beautiful image. The main focus appears to be a snake-like character stretching from the top of the building all the way down, while featured in the foreground is a tropical bird, as well as references to gambling (coins being flipped and the spade-hat being lowered on fishing line near the polygonal fish character.) The different images featured on the wall, as well as some of the sharper angles and bold reds and blacks give off a shady, almost sinister impression.
"My Giant Tiger" by Kruella D'Enfer is featured in Covhila, Portgual and uses many polygonal shapes and a combination of warm and cool palettes to create the image of a tiger. The artist uses sharp lines to bring to life the imposing figure, creating contrast on a black background.
Mach505 and Ninja1 collaborated to create "Global Warning", a play on global warming. The piece, featured at SAM Street Art Museum in Torino, Italy uses a simple color palette but very creatively creates excellent perspective with a polar bear lying on a melting ice cap in the foreground, surrounded by smaller ice caps along the background. The artists appear to want to shed light on the social issue of global warming and the destruction of the environment these creatures inhabit.
The artist ARRAIANO created this untitled piece in Covilha, Portugal. The abstract work features a color palette combining cool and warm colors. ARRAIANO appears to paint the lines to flow dynamically from left to right as the art increases in size as you walk along the building.
The artist Ypres produced this impactful piece, titled "Stencil Art" at SAM Street Art Museum in Torino, Italy and utilizes the stencil technique to create a repetitive image of what appear to be Jewish/Israeli women (see the Star of David on the left breast) walking in group and dressed in black. There is nothing necessarily complex about the image, but nevertheless carries a sad tone and is possibly a political commentary by the artist.
This untitled piece was created by the artist NESPOON in Covilha, Portugal. The artist paints a wonderfully ornate pattern along the side of the building. The color palette is simple, mostly white on a black background, and uses repetitive looping patterns to add an almost regal flair to the decrepit building.
Credits: All media
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