I chose this painting because the deep and strong brush stroked in the foreground really stand out while the blue night sky adds a calmness and quietness to the painting
The blue gives me the viewer a sense unease, but add to the drama of the painting overall.
Blue stands out while also complimenting the surrounding colors.
From afar this painting looks like a picture. The colors are blended excellently together. The blue also gives this painting a sense of atmosphere.
The prominent use of blue in this painting give the picture a sense of atmosphere. I feel like I know what being in that type environment is like.
The style of this painting makes me feel like I'm watching a dramatic opening scene of a movie.
The use of blue here draws all attention to the woman in this painting. The shade of the blue also adds a touch of elegance
The blue works well as a nice texture on the wall while also adding a "cool" feel to the painting.
The water colors blend nicely witch each other. The different shades of blue in the sky and water are very prominent in this piece.
The brush strokes give the painting a nice feel to it the bright color in the foreground contrast very well with the mellow blue in the background.
Blue is very prominent in this painting even the character is clothed in it as well as the furniture.
The vibrant use of colors really stand out differentiating every individual piece of the painting while also complimenting each other nicely mixing between warm and cool
The blue in this piece give the scene a nice calm feel even thought the blue dominates the piece is doesn't have a harsh feel to it
The use of colors and shades really makes this picture stand out. From a distance looks like it can be an old school type of photograph.
The blue give to painting a dramatic feel enhancing the interaction between the characters making the viewer feel suspenseful.
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