In the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel, there are many different themes regarding human nature. I selected four of these themes and found two pictures for each theme to represent it. 

This picture represents how the people denied truths because even though they were surrounded by bad things, they still only focused on the good.
This picture represents this theme because even when it got worse and worse and terrible things were happening every day, some people still tried to see only the good, even if the good was dwindling.
This represents the theme of faith because the people in the picture are very colorful, but the purple is starting to bleed into the rest of the colors, kind of how the bad things that were happening began to destroy the faith of the people in the camps.
This represents the theme of losing faith because it shows a dark thing splitting something apart, and the events of the Holocaust destroyed many people's faith.
This fits with the family bonds theme because this family looks as though they aren't in a very good place, but they are still staying together and protecting each other.
This represents the family bonding theme because even though Elie is older than the child in the sculpture, I think it represents the relationship between Elie and his father well, seeing as how they look out for each other.
This represents the final theme because in the book, Wiesel states that "We were no longer automatons..." (20)., and this statue reminds me of that quote.
This represents the final theme because it looks as though the person's emotions are trapped inside of the person, kind of like how the people in the Holocaust were unable to express their feelings due to fear.
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