Art assignment-Lilly GREEN

 The theme of this exhibition is a beach and abstract theme. I chose these artworks to depict the beach theme that I enjoy to look at. The artworks I have chosen have appeared in the 2014 event Sculpture By The Sea. The artworks relate and are very similar as they are all abstract and all have that 'beach' theme and feel. The artworks may not all have the same meaning and purpose but they all share a similar theme and are all abstract and unique. The artworks are all different in terms of looks. Most of the artworks share the same colours such as browns. The colours in the artworks have a meaning behind them. They all have a meaning and mean something different but they all share the same 'background'.                                                                                                                                                     Link for audio-

This sculpture shows the cultural frame
This sculpture shows the structural frame
This sculpture shows the post modern frame
This sculpture shows a subjective frame
Credits: All media
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