The changing of the ways-Sam Wescott

This gallery includes different aspects of color in nature on different continents. 

This painting is of a dutch landscape. A path through the woods to the village. Using mostly darker hues with little bright coloring, except for the sky.
A british landscape is shown in this picture. A countryside with rolling hills and a small tree line. with what looks like a castle in the distance.
A chinese painting done in black and grey. Showing a foggy tree line coming down from a cliff.
An american landscape showing travelers on a river. This is a more realistic painting. Showing everything from the people by the river to the reflection of the sky on the river.
A french painting of the Seine river. Using bright greens and blues. Showing what looks like villagers doing laundry in the river.
A chinese painting in ball and grey from the song dynasty. This painting shows hunters gathering edible herbs from within the forest.
An american beach side painting. Using oil on canvas and bright colors. The beach here has a very serene look to it. With very choopy brushstrokes the artist makes you feel like your sipping margaritas on the beach.
An italian cowboy. Cowboys on the italian prairie With no trees in sight.
Credits: All media
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