Paradise of Patterns

This gallery shows the relationship between shapes and patterns, and how they can help to interpret a story or meaning. It includes ravishing cultural paintings from across the world.

The Bichhna beadspread is a design layered on a material for beds. It has a cloud like pattern with flowers and a green color bed with different shades and contours.
Potassium Pencil depicts the common interest of the typical human on earth. It demonstrates the habits of everyday life. The objects inside the painting show what people do and how they interact.
This art from the streets of Amsterdam provides a Van Gogh like feel to steer art. It gives life to city and adds character to the the building.
This vibrant creations depicts the alignment of red flowers to give the spectator a robust illusion.
The multi-colored arrangement of dots provides a plain and simple view of art. The spot paintings, measured rows of dots, emanate from the packaging of pharmaceuticals and are titled alphabetically. The randomness and array of color brightens up the painting.
The odd shapes and patterns of this piece of art gives an ancient depiction of what Australian hieroglyphics would resemble. It is the early art of Women's fashion and art of Australia.
This picture depicts labor conditions of slaves and mistreated workers. It shows the control the the soldiers and government have over hardworking citizens. The patterns help provide the struggles of people in the lower working class.
The vibrant colors of this piece pop out at the audience and the lines and shapes created within the piece really assemble together nicely to ad sizzle to the canvas. The accents of green, brown, and blue really gives the painting character.
The perfectly aligned patterns paint a beautifully assembled design of shapes. The colors gives a safe and gentle feel that puts a smile at the viewing audience.
This sleek and simple work of art is simply a touch of magic. The patterns of lines and shapes accent each other and work well in contrast with each other.
Credits: All media
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