vida en color 

A beautiful collection of paintings depicting life; people, places and things, with the use of well placed, beautiful and vibrant color. Each piece presents a different perspective, style and feel, as well as subject matter, though they all collectively represent life in it's many pieces and forms. 

This beautiful piece depicts the changing of colors in fall. The vivid blue water, small gray-green rocks and bright orange leaves are all rich in color as well as vibrancy.
This Van Gogh piece depicts his living quarters with simple bedroom furniture, art, and a window. Though a basic everyday scene, the yellows,blues,greens and wood tones give it a rich, serene quality.
Though this may seem just a serene image of a landscape, it is in fact depicting a barrage balloon apron. Despite it's darker undertone, the image boasts a vibrant blue sky, golden sun and colorful landscape.
A beautifully colored depiction of the Magi arriving to the birth of Jesus. The artists use of bright blues, pinks, reds, greens and flesh tones brings this image to life and give it a sense of joy.
This image depicting a blind girl and her sister is made all the more astounding by the ecstatic use of color in every aspect of the photo, from the double rainbows, to the green grass and the rich hues of their clothing.
This depiction of the virgin Mary meeting Elizabeth, John the Baptist's mother, becomes so much more alive with the artist's use of rich reds, blues, greens and flesh tones; helping mark the occasion as a happy one.
This depiction of a village in British Columbia feels almost as if you could walk right into it, thanks to the beautiful use of layer upon layer of inviting, rich color in all aspects of the painting.
This is no ordinary depiction of a Sugar Factory, thanks to the bright and inviting range of pastel color tones the artist used to depict the small outbuildings, the river itself, and the vivid blue sky.
This artists rendering of an Arab Cafe is made more jovial, social and festive with it's use of an incredible range of rich colors, which also aid in making each form in the image appear more life-like.
This artist's depiction of Satta Pass with it's beautiful view of Mount Fuji, attains it's serene and peaceful tone thanks to the beautiful blues of the water and various shades depicting the land.
Credits: All media
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