Pakistan and Nepal Culture

This rug shows Pakistan's culture with all of its patterns and colors. The shape of the rug is also very unique.
This sculpture shows Pakistan's depiction of women. Ideally she appears tall and slender. Her arms are also very long. I believe this portrays what the ideal woman looks like in Pakistan.
This sculpture of Buddha shows how Pakistan followed Buddha and his life.
This painting in Pakistan, is full of color. I believe this painting also shows Pakistan's ideal woman.
Mosques in Pakistan greatly follow their architectural culture. The use of great detail along the arches, shows just how important mosques are in Pakistan.
These Pakistan earrings show the detail Pakistan pays to design. It also gives an idea of the jewelry in Pakistan.
This rug from Nepal displays Nepal's attention to detail and design. Also, buildings and people are incorporated within the rug.
This photo displays a disaster that happened in Nepal. An earthquake brought many of Nepal's treasured sculptures and buildings, to ruins.
This photo displays Nepal's tiger tops which follow the Himalayan mountains. These mountain tops provide a very sacred meaning to Nepal.
This picture describes what a wedding in Nepal would look like. The clothes are very conservative and the woman must still cover her entire body and hair.
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