Lost In The contrast

This is a collection of abstract and surreal artwork that shows examples of contrast and texture. The theme is abstract vs realism. I chose this theme because I feel there is a lot of beauty in things that are strange. Comparing both realism and abstract art shows the strong qualities of both.

In this piece it is very hard to tell what is going on, and that is why I chose this. This painting is an excellent example of contrast due to its perfect transitions from lights to darks. This is noticeable in the skyline when the sky fades from purple to orange. The textures in this painting are another reason why I chose this.
The reason that I chose this portrait is because it I have never seen a portrait with this type of approach. This painting is a great example of contrast because of the transition from light to dark throughout this painting. Mainly on the man that is being portrayed, but also in the background. The texture is strangely grainy and compliments the color choices.
I chose this painting for my gallery because of how dark the main scene is and how perfectly the painting transitions to the light background. It's a good painting for my gallery because of the abstract scene that is created. It a interesting thought to depict the animals in the wilderness as a settlement.
This painting is the perfect choice for the theme of my gallery. The contrast of the man that is the main focus of the piece and the gradual blend of light blue to dark blue in the water works extremely well.
This painting is a perfect example of contrast and texture. The way that the colors blend from light to dark (top to bottom) is perfect. The textures that surround this painting bring it to life and make the scene depicted believable.
I chose this painting because it was actually on my wall growing up. The textures in the landscape and the good use of colors with contrast is another reason why I chose this painting.
This was another good example of an abstract painting. It is tough to depict what is going on but I feel that is what makes this painting so great. It gives the mind a chance to wander. The contrast of the main figure is excellent along with the textures throughout the painting.
The reason I chose this painting was because of the incredible detail in texture that is in every part of this piece. The water is unbelievably real along with the ships in this scene. The contrast from the water to the skyline is what makes this piece work as well as the texture in the ships.
The texture in this painting bring this Toucan to life. The eye is what stands out to me, so much detail. Another thing that works well is the contrast throughout the tropical bird, especially in his beak when it comes from bright to a different saturation of orange.
This was a very interesting painting for me. It is another hard painting to read but allows the viewer to form their own translation of the piece. I felt that the strongest qualities of this painting is the texture of the water. If you look closely you can see the texture that lies beneath the water of the pond. The texture and contrast of the building is another strong quality.
Credits: All media
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