Flower has always been my favorite still subject in paintings. Since it represent the purity and tenderness of a girl; meanwhile also express a vivid emotion of life. 

This painting depicts the madness and the sadness of Van Gogh by using the fast brush and high keyed color.
The artist used the skill of impressionism to depict the tenderness and live.
The painting is painted in detail and beautiful lighting. we can see the flowers bloom like pretty ladies that depicts the happiness of women and girls.
I love the fast brush and light color palette that the Artist used in this painting. It induces a romantic feel.
The artist used the warm colors to depict the satisfaction of the two girls and their lives.
The light of this painting shows that it is in the morning and the saturation of the flowers shows the delightful emotion and the passion of the artist.
The artist used saturated color to express the vivid emotion of live.
It is painted with water color in warm colors; however, yellow is the coldest color in the warm color circle, which balance the whole painting.
This painting belongs to the style of impressionism that is depicted by using unblended colors.
The painting expresses a vivid emotion by highlighting the color of the pedals and the shadow on the table contrasts the background.
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